Why Would You Need a Freelance Copy Writer?

It’s a fair question. I mean, it’s not as though most business owners are incompetent or incapable of writing content for their respective businesses.  What’s more, as owners or employees, these people have domain knowledge of products and services that would take an outside writer a certain amount of time and effort to understand.

So, why would you consider hiring a copy writer? I might be just a little biased but these reasons are based in sound logic. Read on…

  1. Knowledge of best practices. Professional writers make their living by, well, writing. Therefore, a good one will be well-versed in stylistic guidelines, making an article SEO-friendly, the proper way to structure a white paper, optimal length of blog posts, etc. This knowledge is invaluable when you have an important project that needs to be completed professionally and on-deadline.
  2. Specialization. A reputable writer is experienced in creating content for any number of industries or topics. You can identify exactly what you’re looking for, and select the candidate who best fits your tightly defined criteria. Chances are that same level of specialization is not available at your marketing manager or assistant level.
  3. Optimal resource allocation. Many companies simply don’t retain anyone full-time to generate content. When an article or blog post is needed, someone from sales, marketing or even C-level management is called in to complete the task. This shuffling of resources is not only disruptive to your company’s productivity, but also it is a surefire way to get wildly inconsistent content and points of view.
  4. Accountability. A contracted writer is typically employed per project or per hour. He/she has a great incentive to finish the work promptly and professionally in order to continue the working relationship. It’s harder to hold a salaried employee to the same level of accountability because he/she typically has other job responsibilities and is able to put the work off until a later date.
  5. Flexibility. When you contract a freelance writer, you can control how large or small of a project this person is handling. If seasonal demand or an unexpected request occurs, you can reach out to your freelancer to see if you can add bandwidth quickly. This process is much more efficient than trying to screen, hire and train new talent…and increase your permanent headcount.
  6. Cost. Many business owners dismiss the freelance writing model with the argument, “Why would I pay someone? I’m a good writer.” While this assertion may be true, the actual cost of such writing may be much higher than you’d expect. Consider the case of the press release. According to a BusinessWire survey, most respondents said it takes a half day or several days to complete a press release. If your marketing manager is making $65,000 annually, that release is costing anywhere from $156 to upwards of $400! The freelance model is looking pretty cost effective, right?

Do you think a freelance model is worth exploring for your business? Contact Round today or check out who we work with on the portfolio page.

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