• Who does Round work with?
    I’ve worked with a variety of clients, most recently focusing on the B2B side of the spectrum such as technology solutions, marketing automation providers and professional services companies.  Clients also include marketing agencies and education facilities.  I also contribute outdoors and biking articles to various publications.  >>Check out the client page>>
  • What is your turnaround time?
    That depends on the complexity of the project and where it falls within my current schedule.  Plenty of advanced notice is preferred although I am happy to work on short-notice requests whenever possible.
  • What if I’d like a copy revision?
    I’m happy to revise work at no cost, so long as it is within the scope of the project and the requests are sent in a timely fashion.
  • How much do your services cost?
    The most common pricing model is a per-project quote so we both understand the scope and pricing before any work is begun.  When appropriate, an hourly fee may be also be used.
  • What are your billing terms?
    First-time clients are required to pay 50% of the balance upfront, with the remainder due upon completion.  Established clients are generally billed at the end of a project or the end of the month for ongoing work.
  • Who owns the copy once you’ve written it?
    You do, once the entire payment has been received.  The premise behind Round is to produce great copy that can be repurposed in any number of ways – blogs, emails, newsletters, sales presentations, etc.
  • Can I see samples of your work?
    Absolutely!  You can email me for specific work samples at elizabeth “@” roundsocialmarketing.com or check out the clients page for a list of companies and links to writing samples.

Thanks for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon.