Facebook and B2B Marketing – Does It Make Sense?

This morning, I spent a few minutes reading a post by Kipp Bodnar at HubSpot, “5 Steps to an Awesome B2B Facebook Page.” I was initially skeptical, because as much as I love Facebook for B2C businesses, I haven’t seen it really drive results in the context of business-to-business marketing.

But, maybe I was looking at the wrong metric – conversions – as a gauge of success?

Instead of looking at conversions, Kipp judges success by a business gaining “likes,” and establishes a visitor-to-like metric – the percentage of people who visit your Facebook page and click the “like” button. No pun intended, but I really like his idea because once an individual toggles this button, they’ll potentially be able to see news from your company, interact with updates and comments and become more aware of just what makes your business so awesome.

It’s an incredibly valuable way to communicate your message to an audience that has admitted they’re interested because, after all, they “like” you!

That being said, each Facebook user’s news feed is optimized to show what Facebook deems most relevant based on their interests and activities. So, if you run a huge campaign to get a bunch of “likes” but don’t do anything else with your page, you’re not capitalizing on your initial investment.

Create user interaction by asking questions, giving Facebook friends a sneak peak at a new product or service or running Facebook-based contests. Keep in mind that the backbone of creating an engaged audience is to provide compelling and interesting content – that can then be promoted on various social networks including Facebook.

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