Round was founded in 2010 as an answer to the question, “What’s the shape of your marketing?”

Today’s competitive landscape demands marketing initiatives that are intelligent, comprehensive and thorough – in a word – round.  Round’s core focus includes:

  • Copy writing. Blog posts, articles, white papers, brochures, guides, press releases and web content with a cohesive feel that promotes your company in a professional way that attracts the right kind of attention.
  • Social media. Managing blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn plus guest blogging and comments on peer-respected sites ensures you’re promoting great content, engaging potential leads and creating brand awareness in a smart and sustainable manner.
  • Online marketing. Organic search engine optimization, keyword research, pay-per-click, media outreach, email marketing and marketing automation are a few of the ways Round promotes your brand in conjunction with social media and traditional marketing efforts.

    The Round approach is based upon the premise that remarkable content is the foundation of remarkable marketing results.  Social media and online marketing efforts utilize the content to engage, and ultimately, convert website visitors.

    If you don’t need an entire marketing campaign, and only want support in a few keys areas, that works with Round’s model, too.  From quick turnaround times on copy editing to web editing using a variety of CMS tools, Round can assist in an on-demand capacity.

    Please contact us today to discuss your next project.